Yosemite National Park

In June I went to Yosemite with the On Location team -- here is a preview of what's to come from this trip. 11 of us traveled in an RV all together for 4+ days - I climbed to the top of Yosemite falls (8 hours) and slept in a Kammok amost every night . It was a dream come true. One of my dearest friends got engaged on the trip - we were able to photograph it and celebrate with the two of them. I had no idea that Yosemite was such a magical place. One night when I was sleeping in my kammok under the stars, a bear came within 30 feet of us and disrupted the next camp over. You see climbers every where doing the impossible! I was stunned to find out tha tthe little twinkle lights that you see on El Capitan are the lights of the climbers making their 4 days climb straight up the side of the mountain to the Summit. Unbelievable. We had so many amazing brands sponsor our trip. A few of those were Kind Bars, Royal Robbins, Gregory, Kammok, Thermarest, Gerber, Mindshift, Stanley, Thinktank Photo, Pendleton, Yeti, Probar, Backwoods, Fieldnotes, Nalgene, Drobo and many more. We had a blast using all of these products in one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world. I'll do another post in the future with more images and a better look behind the scenes. I just wanted for you all to see a glimpse of what my summer looked liked. 



FashionABLE - ZIDE

In May, I traveled to Ethiopia for an organization called FashionABLE that works to create a sustainable business in Africa so that people don't rely on charity. On the last day of my visit, my friend/model Zide Seleshi White drove to the top of Entoto Mountain and did a photoshoot with the scarves. it began to rain about 10 minutes into the shoot, but we kept shooting and I loved the results. The Eucalyptus forest was to die for. 


Mountain Adventure in the Rockies

This past weekend I went to the mountains with a couple of friends. 

I needed it. I needed nature and wanted to capture it's beauty. I love working on stories overseas for non-profits, but sometimes I need to stop and remember to photograph the beauty that surrounds me here too, just for fun. I wonder how many photographers ever take photo just for creative fun anymore and not just work. It's what we need to keep going. We need to keep creating and challenging ourselves to try different techniques and styles. We will grow as artists and creatives. Find something you enjoy and do it. Pick up the old film camera that you haven't touched in years. Pick a topic and dedicate 4 weeks to shooting a photo series on it. Go out in nature and photograph details of things you haven't noticed before. Keep creating!

Alternative Apparel Interview

I recently sat down with a writer, Amy Lynch at Alternative Apparel's blog called Common Thread in Austin, Texas to share a few stories with her between some of my trips. We had such a great time together. I was so impressed that she didn't record our conversation and only took a few notes during our entire time together. I was truly blown away by her writing style.

Click the image to read what we talked about.....